Our Story:

A family grown brand in the heart of London.

Galaxify launched as an idea over dinner, debating on how 'amazing' it would be if we could bring the stars and space-like feel inside our house. Living in the country-side and the weather not always being in the best mood it was difficult to appreciate the sky as we'd like to. Being the oldest brother to two younger sisters I discussed this idea further with my parents and we started working!  Gathering funds from our friends and family we decided to design, develop and manufacture our first prototype which turned out great! Investing our time and money for 8 months we decided to launch our Galaxy Night Light Projector, which turned out to be a huge success!

Our Galaxy Projector, which instantly became a viral sensation worldwide through the power of social media!

Having sold over 500,000 units we decided to expand our catalogue to further assist decorate rooms.

Starting off as a family of 5 which has now expanded into a team of 15, in which every stage of the business is handled by one of our very own. 

Small yet effective, our catalogue increased in size from our singular viral sensation Galaxy Projector to RGB Corner LampLED Light StripsName A StarSunset Projector. 

Initially our brand was called ‘Galaxyprojector’ - with the launch of the new products we have now expanded our brand to ‘Galaxify'